vmomaturity is dedicated to the continued development of Technology Vendor Management (VMO) leader and team members professional capabilities. We deliver on this mission by providing leading edge virtual training, self-assessment methodologies and certification programs for VMO leaders and practitioners. Virtual and in-person delivery of vmomaturity’s educational curriculums, built upon unique operational frameworks and methodologies, empowers VMO professionals to advance their careers and continually achieve enhanced operational execution.  With successful completion of vmomaturity’s courses, participants are recognized with certification and designation of the completed course.

Founded by experts in Technology VMO operations, vmomaturity’s curriculums are built upon extensive experience designing, building and leading Fortune 500 Technology VMO operations. This real-world experience is captured in the VMO Leader 3 Part Operational Self-Assessment and Leader Certification program and the VMO Team Member 5 Part training curriculum and Practitioner Certification program.

vmomaturity’s fundamental premise is technology VMO leaders and practitioners who invest in their skills and capabilities will effectively meet the operational demands of digital transformation. vmomaturity stands alone in delivering VMO leaders and practitioners the curriculums, training, methodologies, frameworks and certification programs to deliver the required professional development.

VMO Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification

vmomaturity had developed a unique, 3-part technology VMO Self-Assessment and Leader Certification program. The curriculum guides the participant through a detailed analysis of VMO current state maturity, operational risk and complexity and detailed breakdown of VMO processes. The curriculum culminates with a certification test to validate the participants mastery of the curriculum content. Lastly, vmomaturity created a detailed ‘Technology VMO Blueprint’ for each completed participant containing a targeted series of recommendations to enhance VMO performance.

VMO Team Member Training & Practitioner Certification

vmomaturity offers has developed a detailed, 5-part VMO Team Member training curriculum that culminates with participants taking the VMO Practitioner Certification. The VMO Team Member training provides the foundation necessary for effective execution of the core VMO process areas of Post-Award Contract Management, Finance Management, Relationship Management, Risk Management and Performance Management.  Participants are led through a series of exercises combined with multiple downloadable templates designed for immediate use in their current operation. Upon successful completion of the certification exam, participants are awarded the Certified VMO Practitioner designation.

Blueprint Review Workshop

vmomaturity provides Blueprint Review Workshops for those Technology VMO leaders who would like to discuss the details of their customized Blueprint. If desired, vmomaturity will provide onsite coaching and Blueprint Development support enabling the Technology VMO leader to compare and contrast their Self-Assessment to a Blueprint created by the vmomaturity practitioner.

TaaS for VMO Leaders

Governance Platform Assessment

TVMES is pleased to announce the introduction of our Tool selection as a Service (TaaS) for VMO leaders. We have been continually asked by our clients to support them in selecting an appropriate platform to enable their VMO or SAM operation. Leveraging our experience using these tools and unique insight to the technical capabilities each platform offers, we have develop comprehensive evaluation models that align a client’s unique requirements with the appropriate platform.

vmomaturity team is uniquely qualified to assist organizations assess which Vendor Management and Governance platform is most appropriate for a clients specific needs. Based on our experience running these operations, evaluating the current market offerings and contributing to the design and technology roadmap for many of the tools available, TVMES is expert in recommending the most appropriate tools for your organization, support the selection process and ensure implementation is successfully executed.

vmomaturity's Decision Matrix for VMO Platform