Technology Vendor Management Educational Services LLC

TVMES Offering

Founded by a group of IT Operational Executives, Technology Vendor Management Educational Services (TVMES) mission is to produce targeted training and educational services designed to enhance an individual’s professional capability across the broad range of areas technology vendor managers are accountable. This includes vendor management & governance, software asset management, cloud consumption management, third party risk management, IoT Governance and RPA Centers of Excellence.

The roles and responsibilities of Technology VMO’s continue to evolve rapidly due to the impact and reality of digital transformation. What once was a sole focus on ‘value leakage’ has expanded to include the effective and effective use of a broad range of IT assets while maintaining diligence on risk tolerance and exposure.

To fulfill the needs of Technology VMO Leaders and Practitioners, TVMES offers a unique portfolio of targeted training and educational services for individuals in the high growth professions of software asset management (SAM), cloud consumption management (CCM), technology vendor management (TVMO), third party risk management (TPRM), Internet of Things (IoT) Governance and Robotic Process Automation (RPA-IA) Centers of Excellence (CoE’s). Training courses are delivered in a number of manners to provide participants maximum flexibility. Delivery methods include online self-paced study, virtual scheduled instructor led on-line classes as well as in-person classroom sessions.

In addition to the expertise of the founders, TVMES utilizes the expertise of an extended ‘Curriculum Development Team’ to produce truly unique and effective courses based on real-life operational reality. Each member of the Curriculum Development Team has years of experience with Fortune 500 firms in their assigned discipline.

TVMES utilizes targeted web sites to form the online community of interest featuring access to training, timely topics, opinion and market research.


vmomaturity is dedicated to the continued development of Technology Vendor Management (VMO) leader and team members professional capabilities. We deliver on this mission by providing leading edge virtual training, self-assessment methodologies and certification programs for VMO leaders and practitioners. Virtual and in-person delivery of vmomaturity’s educational curriculums, built upon unique operational frameworks and methodologies, empowers VMO professionals to advance their careers and continually achieve enhanced operational execution.  With successful completion of vmomaturity’s courses, participants are recognized with certification and designation of the completed course.

In addition to the courses and curriculums, vmomaturity has developed a detailed, multi-dimensional framework to assist clients when considering or evaluating VMO Governance tools or platforms. Utilizing our experience selecting, implementing, operating and maintaining VMO platforms in Fortune 500 settings, vmomaturity is uniquely qualified to help clients with this challenging selection and implementation process.

vmomaturity’s offerings include:

  • Technology VMO Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification
  • VMO Team Member Training & Practitioner Certification
  • Technology VMO Leader Blueprint Review
  • VMO Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support


Software Asset Management professionals are under constant pressure to defend their organization and prove the value of their function. Operating in near constant fear an audit notification will arrive, SAM professionals many times miss the opportunity to have their organizations prepared with rehearsed and coordinated responses. This lack of preparation and ability to establish the full operational benefits of the SAM function leaves professionals vulnerable, having their effectiveness called into question when an audit notification arrives.

sammaturity is NOT AN AUDIT DEFENSE SOLUTION. sammaturity delivers unique training methodologies to help SAM practitioners and leaders alike develop the skills necessary to establish and maintain audit ready SAM operations that deliver extended business value. sammaturity’s mission is to deliver these methodologies and frameworks to course participants virtually in self-paced or scheduled group classes. The curriculums contain multiple templates designed to be put to immediate use and multiple exercises to help participants practice the techniques necessary to achieve professional success. sammaturity courses culminate with a certification exam to document mastery of the content.

In addition to the courses, curriculums and certification programs, sammaturity has developed a detailed, multi-dimensional framework to assist clients when considering or evaluating software asset platforms, whether they be built for purpose SAM platforms or an ITSM module. In addition, sammaturity offers a Cloud Consumption Management tool selection capability. The CCM selection platform evaluates the needs of SAM & Cloud Architecture to deliver targeted recommendations.

sammaturity’s offerings include:

  • SAM Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification
  • SAM Audit Readiness Training & Practitioner Certification
  • SAM Leader Operational Blueprint Review
  • SAM Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support
  • Cloud Consumption Management (CCM) Platform Recommendation & Implementation Support

tprmmaturity (Launch September 2019)

Third Party Risk Management programs require effective, fully integrated, cross-business unit support to execute First Line of Defense (FLOD) functions. If the individuals performing FLOD functions are not actively engaged, educated on the value of the requested task, or understand where their contribution fits within the overall risk model, the TPRM program fails.

tprmmaturity, utilizing the operational experience of running a VMO and establishing the TPRM function within a global financial organization, features methodologies, frameworks and training curriculums targeted specifically at the engagement and effectiveness of the First Line of Defense within the TPRM framework.

In addition to the courses, curriculums and certification programs, tprmmaturity has developed a detailed, multi-dimensional framework to assist clients when considering or evaluating Third Party Risk Management platforms. Utilizing our experience selecting, implementing, operating and maintaining TPRM platforms in Fortune 500 settings, tprmmaturity is uniquely qualified to help clients with this challenging selection and implementation process.

tprmmaturity’s offerings include:

  • TPRM FLOD Certified Practitioner
  • TPRM FLOD Certified Leader
  • TPRM Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support

cloudcoematurity (Launch October 2019)

Cloud adaption is hitting the peak over the last 3 years as organizations are transforming into the digital leap to achieve cost reduction, risk mitigation and scalability as their business demands. Organization possibly adapt one or more of the following cloud offerings Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Anything-as-a-service (XaaS) to meet their business objectives in a public or private setup. brings in unique perspective of effective cloud consumption management training and consulting to address the sore point of cost burns due to lack of controls, checkpoints & architecture while adapting a cloud solution. This training briefly touches upon the software licensing impact on cloud which is offered in detail in

cloud center of excellence follows the principle of shared services. Cloud CoE leader certification curriculum is built upon “the 5 W’s and the H” framework delivering a microservices analysis driven blueprint. This blue print recommendations serves as an ultimate guide for IT leaders to build a Productive, Highly functional & Efficient CCoE.

  • How do we create a highly effective cloud COE (CCoE) ?
  • What skills are required to effectively run your CCoE?
  • Who is responsible for cloud Spend, Security and consumption management? (RACI)
  • When does CCoE collaborate with IT and Business stakeholders?
  • Where does your application, data or servers reside?
  • Why is cloud not or a best solution?

cloudcoematurity’s offerings include:

  • Certified Cloud Consumption Management Practitioner
  • Certified Cloud CoE Leader
  • Cloud Platform/Tool Evaluation, Recommendation & Implementation Support

rpacoematurity (Launch December 2019)

rpacoematurity mission is to help RPA Centers of Excellence achieve greater success and corporate integration to enable automation at scale. Initial efforts of RPA CoE’s has led to isolation or outright conflict with a number of internal organizations. These unfortunate dynamics has limited the ability of the RPA CoE to expand their valuable contribution across a larger cross-functional environment and led to friction with IT, vendor management, internal audit and risk organizations. rpacoematurity’s methodology and framework has been designed to integrate RPA Centers of Excellence with these important peripheral organizations and enable true enterprise automation success.

rpacoematurity’s offerings include:

  • RPA CoE Certified Practitioner
  • RPA CoE Certified Leader

iotcoematurity (Launch December 2019)

The Internet of Things (IoT) challenges Vendor Management, Technology, Internal Audit, Risk and other Governance Risk and Compliance organizations to effectively assess and monitor risk to their organization as supply chains continue to be extended to meet the demands of digital transformation. Risk organizations are being asked by regulators for their strategy and operational processes to monitor potential exposure. Vendor Management teams are increasingly being assigned accountability to incorporate these ‘micro-vendors’ after the IoT service has been implemented.

To help organizations effectively manage the growing number of IoT in the environment and supply chain, iotcoematurity’s methodology guides the IoT CoE establish the policies, process, procedures and methods by which IoT are identified, classified and monitored.

iotcoematurity’s offerings include:

  • IoT CoE Certified Practitioner
  • IoT CoE Certified Leader