Future of VMO Leaders


Transformation is happening at lightning speed in IT, Business & Research dragging the support functions or so-called enablers like HR, Finance, Procurement, Legal and VMO organizations. Support organizations take a paradigm shift while supporting the speed of transformation powered by cloud and agility(T^C)^A. This exponential drift requires VMO leaders to function as a technocrat driving transformation and building a Business Aligned IT environment.

VMO Equation

For VMO Leaders, the golden days are over where we used to spend productive efforts in contract reviews, building relationships, negotiations or monitoring supplier/vendor spend & performance. The focus is shifting towards Automation, Cost control, Audit Support, Risk and Cloud governance on top of traditional VMO tasks. In a nutshell, the job description shifted from monitor to manage enterprise IT, Business and Risk facets adapting cutting edge tools and techniques. Which pushes Vendor Management Office to have the right tools and dashboards in order to take spontaneous decisions and channel their efforts towards operations and strategy for CIO or CFO based on your org structure. Technocrats step into the enterprise governance roles and procurement as the technical knowledge and market data is required to intelligently pull the levers of negotiation and defining Smart KPI’s.

  • TVMES powered vmomatutity.com facilitates training and consulting services to build the next generation of VMO leaders using microservices analysis to come up with the right Strategy, Process, Policies, and Tools.
  • Tool selection as a Service (TaaS) enables you to choose the best tool which will enable IT and Business with agility and the pace they intend to grow.
  • VMO Blueprint service features a series of targeted recommendations to enhance current operational performance including specific actions and tactics. This will get you from current state to future state of maturity.

TVMES advisors are uniquely qualified to assist organizations assess which Vendor Management or Governance platform is most appropriate for a client’s specific needs. Based on our experience running these operations, evaluating the current market offerings and contributing to the design and technology roadmap for many of the tools available, TVMES is expert in recommending the most appropriate tools for your organization, support the selection process and ensure implementation is successfully executed.

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