vmomaturity provides clients advisory services to support Technology VMO leaders achieve enhanced operational effectiveness. Built upon vmomaturity’s unique Technology VMO frameworks and methodologies, our practitioners can support your needs in the following ways.

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Governance Platform Assessment

The team at TVMES is uniquely qualified to assist organizations assess which Vendor Management and Governance platform is most appropriate for a clients specific needs. Based on our experience running these operations, evaluating the current market offerings and contributing to the design and technology roadmap for many of the tools available, TVMES is expert in recommending the most appropriate tools for your organization, support the selection process and ensure implementation is successfully executed.

VMO Blueprint Workshop

Upon receipt of the vmomaturity VMO Blueprint based upon the completed 3 Part Self-Assessment, there may be questions or specific insights to help clients fully utilize the recommendations. vmomaturity offers a ‘VMO Blueprint Workshop’ in which vmomaturity facilitates a remote workshop for open discussion in which the provided recommendations are reviewed in detail.

The VMO Blueprint Workshop is a 2-hour session and only available to clients who have completed the vmomaturity Technology VMO 3 Part Self-Assessment. Once completed, vmomaturity will resend a revised, updated VMO Blueprint.

VMO Blueprint Validation & Refinement

The prerequisite to this vmomaturity service is the client must have taken and completed the Technology VMO 3 Part Self-Assessment. Upon review of the vmomaturity VMO Blueprint, a client may decide to have an onsite assessment conducted to review, validate and refine the vmomaturity VMO Blueprint.

The VMO Blueprint Validation & Refinement service is an abbreviated VMO assessment conducted by vmomaturity. The final deliverable includes vmomaturity’s assessed Maturity, OR-EC VMO Profile and VMO MicroService Analysis, this assessment is then compared to the client’s 3 Part VMO Self-Assessment with gaps identified and revised recommendations.

VMO Assessment & Blueprint Development

vmomaturity offers advisory services to support VMO leaders develop and implement progressive, effective Technology VMO operations. Utilizing vmomaturity’s frameworks and methodologies, the vmomaturity practitioner produces a tailored VMO Blueprint and implementation support.