SMART KPI’S for IT Operations

vmomaturity Experts are helping in shaping Organization's IT Operations SMART KPI’s to increase productivity and NPS scores by 60%. We apply a simple 80:20 rule to carefully craft your performance indicators based on your IT operations needs and maturity.

Proactiveness & Predictiveness is not a Trait, It is a Culture.

Self- Inspect:

  1. Are your IT operations Proactive and Predicative?
  2. What % of your KPI’s are Proactive and Predicative?
  3. Are your KPI’s mapped to the Business Goals?
  4. Do you observe Watermelon Effect in your IT Operations?
  5. Is your Vendor performance valued by your business?

If you have answered “No” to any of the questions, You may need vmomaturity experts to take a look at your KPI’s and Contracts.

Below is a glimpse of some SMART KPI’S for your thought.


  • Code Pipeline index
  • Zero Post Prod Release %
  • Automation Effective Index

Service Desk - End User Experience SMART KPI’s

  • Self-healing Index
  • One-Touch Resolution %
  • IVR Automation Index
  • Service Request Automation Index

Development and Support SMART KPI’s 

  • Outage Mitigation Ratio
  • Release to Rework Ratio
  • Incident Reduction %

Automation SMART KPI’s 

  • Automated test coverage
  • Cost per automated test
  • CI/CD Coverage Ratio
  • Script Repeatability Index

Agile SMART KPI’s 

  • User Story effectiveness Index
  • Deployment Automation
  • Code promotion effectiveness Index
  • EPIC Effectiveness Index

Architecture SMART KPI’s 

  • API’fication Factor Score
  • Microservices Factor Score
  • Server as a Code %
  • Scale & Shrink Effectiveness Index

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