VMO Platform Decision Matrix – Article #2 Part 2

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VMO Platform Decision Matrix - Predictive Analytics

As we promised to expand more on the nature of predictive analytics in Article #2 Part 1, Below are the facets to build predictive dashboards and analytics capability of a VMO Platform.

Regression – Analyzing data for key elements that can be used to predict an outcome. Sometimes, it’s a “Binary” type of outcome (Will the supplier meet the SLA? Yes/No). Other times, it’s more specific (Exactly, How much is the customer spend?).

Forecasting – Reviewing historical data and using it to predict out into the future. These forecasts are the result of sophisticated statistical models that take into data trends, as well as periodic fluctuations.

Classification – Mathematically grouping similar individuals by common characteristics, behaviors also referred to as cluster or logical group analysis. The results can be inherently valuable, especially when highlighting a dataset that may have been historically overlooked.

Machine Learning – Using data to detect patterns and determine platform’s actions. Wide array of business applications, from data mining for new insights, to simulation testing for SLA’s, Server Health, financial transactions and beyond.

Text Analysis – Offering the opportunity to turn petabytes worth of text into predicted sentiment about a range of topics and products, including the ability to leverage and consolidate from various logging tools and platforms.

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