VMO Platform Decision Matrix – Article #6

TVMES experts continues to strive by working together with industry experts to identify simplified solutions to the problems faced by VMO leaders. It is our pleasure to present you a robust and logical solution which will help you choose the right VMO platform of your choice.

VMO Platform Decision Matrix - Configure Vs Customize

TVMES has identified 5 primary criteria VMO leaders need to utilize when considering selection of a VMO platform. The following is the Last Criteria of the five we will cover in this series. You will find links to the previous articles at the end.

Configure Vs Customize

HourIt is important to understand the difference between Customization Vs Configuration before we make the key decision of choosing your SaaS based VMO platform. Most of the organizations fail in this attempt as they end up creating a new custom product which becomes Expensive, Time consuming, lack of documentation and Technological Disadvantage. In most cases ,  We may have a commercially effective software’s than the beast we are trying to build.

Customization is adding or modifying a feature of a product/software/application feature that requires custom coding and or some form of additional implementation effort. Configuration is where you use native or readily available tools in an application or product or software to change its behavior or features.

Wait a minute, you may be asking, both sounds very, very similar and familiar.

Both may appear to be similar but the key differentiation between customization and configuration is getting an answer to this below simple question,

Does the work done to enhance the feature or extend its capability roll with an upgrade?

In other words, when the SaaS vendor releases the next version of the product/software/application, does the work you did require incremental work to be done? 

If you answer yes, you have a customization!

Do not purchase a Toyota and customize to make a Tesla. The cost of Maintenance will become a nightmare, Actually 2-3X times more than the actual cost of Tesla.  We have observed these where both the customer and the vendor failed when customizations are done beyond the platform’s intended capability.

The evaluated platform should have auto and self-configuration features which will eliminate longer implementation timelines and future platform support team’s dependency/spend during contract on-boarding.

If the simple answer for the below 5 can’s are “Yes”, You have made the right choice.


  1. Can you onboard a new vendor and contract without extensive support?
  2. Can you make changes to Service levels and it’s underlying logic / calculation?
  3. Can you onboard and off-board Users?
  4. Can you customize Self-dashboard based on your preference?
  5. Can you enable/create a dynamic workflow?

Congratulations!!! You almost made it to the end of VMO Platform Decision Matrix series. Please do not miss to read the next article (wrap-up session) which will provide you clarity on VMO platform Value, Importance and building a Collaborative Business Case.  

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